Bison Steak House

Restaurant Website Promotion


Italy (Milan)

Project Duration

3 month

Type of Service



Low website attendance, low conversion, unfinished website structure and its functionality.


Increase website attendance. Examine usability.

We increased website visibility in search systems

  • We removed duplicate pages out of the index
  • We created a new website map
  • We performed a set of operations on increasing web indexing speed and quality

We were able to clean the index of duplicate pages completely thus improving website positions in search systems for specific queries.

We performed optimization of pages for specific queries

  • We installed titles and descriptions
  • We processed and structured the texts
  • We simplified navigation
  • We examined the internal interlinking
  • We set up the friendly URL

We were able to improve website positions concerning long-frequency as well as high-frequency requests.

We provided support and external optimization

  • We added promo pages
  • We filled up the fly pages
  • We selected the platforms for placing the links on the website
  • We wrote unique SEO texts
  • We monitored competitor's activity
  • We expanded the list of target queries

We improved positions taken, improved website attendance, and increased the loyalty of users to brand.